Loveday Smith


October 28, 2019

Shout out to Helen Anna Flanagan. She's an up and coming artist who makes really cool stuff, and wins prizes! The highlight of my performance year was in January, pre-corona for lots of us, at M HKA, (Antwerp's answer to the Stedelijk) performing "Mash Up #2: a performance that focusses on the cut as a physical and brutal force. The performer repeatedly peals a potato whilst ensuing a dramatic monologue premised on austerity rhetoric, rhyming rap battles and angry protest chants". Photo by Helen FlanaganMASH UP 2

Then in September we got to make this for the "Quote Unquote" platform. It was an adventure and a half, at one point it was uncertain whether we'd get to finish filming as I'd managed (following direction it has to be said) to get the car stuck in deep soft sand, and it was burying itself deeper with every wheel spin! I had no idea what would come out, but it's this: 

Sunday (2020) from Helen Anna Flanagan on Vimeo.

And as we move into the final month of this undeniably strange year, I heard from Paul Make that we WILL get to make "A light barrel in a river's mouth" the piece that was postponed this year. I don't know about Chicago, but we're definitely booked for Glasgow International in June 2021. I'm over the moon. I adore Paul, and I'm excited to work with him again. Here's a reminder of "A fire circle for a public hearing" at the Vleeshal gallery, I'm doing a performative psychic reading of the gallery, based on an actual psychic medium from Chicago called Susan Rowland. Photo by Gunnar MeierVleeshalsusan

I didn't mean this to be a retrospective of 2020 but whilst I'm banging on about ART, I've also been working with Michael Portnoy and Dan Fox on a bonkers radio series for Extra Extra. Michael of course has been pushing me beyond my comfort zone and getting me to create some pretty out there characters. You can listen to Episodes 1 & 2 here on NTS RADIO, episode 3 is due out on December 4th!

And finally: VR. Yep, those clever people at WE MAKE VR have been in touch, and I'm collaborating with them next week on a massively exciting project. It's still such a young medium and every time I come back to it, the tech has moved on. Not that it matters, I've never really understood how it works so I just do as I'm told and let them take care of the magic.