Loveday Smith

Crazy Week Ahead

January 25, 2016

Buses. You wait for hours and then 4 come along at once.

My working life. I take a performance job in what is supposed to be the quietest quarter for me and then in production week, I get 4 voice overs. Not that I'm not grateful, it's lovely to have the work, but come on people. Production week? Really? 

So after a long and arduous week as an art robot putting all our randomness into a fabulous performance art show, do I get to party with the great and the good (and probably the not-so-good) of the art world? Ha! Not me. I shall have a restrained glass of champagne and then retire gracefully. There's nothing worse for the voice than standing in a noisy room shouting with strangers, and I have 25 product videos to voice for a new client on the morrow.