Loveday Smith

Hello 2020, what else is in store??

July 20, 2020

It is fair to say that it has been quite a turbulent year so far!

I'm luckier than a lot of my colleagues in the acting business. I've kept going with my voice over business, working from home and proud to say that I didn't need to ask the state for financial help.

I was scheduled to fly to Chicago at the beginning of April to work with Paul Maheke on a new work for the Renaissance Society in Chicago. I am desperately disappointed on a creative level that we didn't get to do this. We were also booked to perform the piece at the opening of the Glasgow International (a huge festival of contemporary visual art) and of course that went out the window too. Sigh.

I look at how the performance industry worldwide has been decimated, and it makes me want to howl. People are allowed to sit in close proximity with each other on an aeroplane but not in a theatre? That to me says more about the strength of the airline industry lobby than the safety of the general public. 

I think theatre makers now have to think beyond traditional theatre spaces. Acting has never been an easy professional, but I think to survive we have to become producers and writers too. The performers who are waiting for the theatres to re-open might be sitting on their bottoms for a long time. That said, I have another theatre performance scheduled for November. I'll be back at Amsterdam's CC Amstel Theatre, in a socially distanced performance with good ventilation. We are planning to take out the seating and re-arrange the auditorium so that we can perform in the round. 

And during lockdown? Well I was lucky enough to appear in this fantastic short film, "Fever Dreams" written by my good friend Kristine Johanssen, directed by her and Daniel Hillel-Tuch and produced by Orange Theatre Company. I play Veronica, a wealthy benefactress. Check it out  HERE