Loveday Smith


February 15, 2016

Last week was a VERY creative week. I finally got started in a serious way with my 1- woman show that currently operates under the title "Strumpet With A Trumpet" (although that's going to change). Brief history: In early 2014 I wrote a piece for Glastonbury Festival's poetry stage that made its first outing at Orange Tea's smallTALK. I then spent 2 years congratulating myself on how great it was, promising myself I was going to expand it into a show whilst becoming completely absorbed in other projects and neglecting it entirely. Like you do.

So... big excitement... this week it all started to come together. I'd like to thank: NS trains for their creative scheduling and the enforced extra writing time that ensued; Orange Tea Writer's Group for a creative suggestion that kick-started this whole process; Homeland Series 4 for being a bit rubbish and thereby diminishing my Netflix series addiction; Myself for drinking less alcohol and caffeine and getting more sleep; and last but not least, the New Moon. I always enjoy a New Moon.

I have nearly finished a first draft, and I'm going to prepare a submission for Amsterdam Fringe 2016. If I get accepted for the Fringe, I'll have to bloody finish it.