Loveday Smith


April 14, 2016

So the problem with giving yourself een klein blogetje, as the Dutch might say (don't quote me on that, I'm shit at Dutch) is that if you neglect it, everybody assumes it's because you're not doing anything. Not so people! In fact if you start seeing daily updates from me, you'll know I'm unemployed with far too much time on my hands.

In amongst multiple voice overs for some of my favourite clients, shooting an intense bunker drama for Scenarios4Summits, finishing my solo show, finding a suitable venue and submitting it to the Amsterdam Fringe (fingers crossed); I have been slotting in rehearsals for a fabulous play called "One Man Two Guvnors" which was a runaway success in the UK and America and is about to have its Dutch premiere on May 13th. I'm playing the seagull. No not really, I'm playing Dolly, who's in love with that quizzical looking bloke in a silly suit with the seagull on his shoulder.

QETC One Man Two Guvnors

Oh... except today I'm not in rehearsals. I've sneaked off to shoot a Dutch movie called "Planet Beauty" in which I play a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Like you do. SO bloody busy!