Loveday Smith

Theatre & VR

May 6, 2018

I love doing theatre. The reason I don't do more over here is that English language theatre doesn't generally receive funding and it's hard to justify all the work that goes in when the financial returns are so low.

This summer was different. It seems like a no-brainer, but if you organise a small tour of a well-loved pieces by a popular playwright, promote it properly and make sure the performance is REALLY GOOD, then it does become worth it.

I had a brilliant time doing "TALKING HEADS" with my friend and colleague Mark Winstanley. Alan Bennett is a superb writer, and his work is a joy to perform. I did the monologue originally performed by Maggie Smith: "Bed among the Lentils" and it is possibly my favourite role of my whole career. Mark and I are planning to collaborate on a second show in the very near future so watch this space.

TALKING HEADS Bed Among The Lentils

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And now to VR... As everybody knows, film is a very different discipline from theatre. However, VR is on the rise, and I recently had to re-do a film presentation of a driving app in VR as the actor they originally cast was only used to doing short scenes and having the luxury of cutaways and alternate takes. In VR you don't get that. You have to learn the whole thing and be super-accurate as it's just you and the camera for the duration of the scene. Fortunately, after the 45 minute monologue I performed for "Talking Heads", a quick 10 minute presentation was a doddle... Watch the presentation on my showreel page... HERE