Loveday Smith


March 3, 2016

It's the final week for "Relational Stalinism: the Musical" at the Witte de With. It's been a fabulous success. The Museum is pleased, the audiences are pleased and my bank manager is pleased. Deep joy all round. Here I am with my fellow relational stalinists. You're all fabulous, it's been a real pleasure sharing a gallery with you.

Relational Stalinists

I'm sitting here pondering the predominantly positive tone of all my posts here and wondering if I would actually share if I was having a bad time on a job. Probably would. I'm from Yorkshire. Call a spade a spade and all that... Luckily it hasn't been an issue yet.

So what's next?? I'm on option for a filming job with those lovely people at Scenarios4Summits, I have a voice over to finish for a "mood film" and if I have time, I want to create a new children's show for Kleintje Kunst. Oh... and my Fringe 2016 project. Yes that. That needs a whole separate post. Later Potater.